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When you’re in need of a system to handle all your sheet metal shaping and fabricating needs, come to European Technology Center, where we work with many of today’s most advanced and trusted machines in the industry. For sheet metal working and fabricating machines, we offer a line of highly capable and trusted products from Prinzing GmbH. Within their selection of sheet metal working machines, you will find systems that can bead, flange, round, or cut metals, from sheet metal to metal matrix, and other similar materials. For even more usability, combining various machines within the same system can create even more possibility for shaping your sheet metal.

Our applications range from everything from catalyzers and exhaust piping systems to air ventilation ducts, various-sized containers, and other tubes and special forms. To learn more about our sheet metal working machines, including our flanging machines, rounding machines, circular shears, and more, get in touch with us today.

Available Products