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At European Technology Center, we’re here to be your number one provider for the widest selection of metal fabrication machines to help with a wide variety of projects or integration within your manufacturing system. We work with many European brands that deliver the most technically advanced, intuitive, and high-quality pieces of metal fabricating equipment, while still being easy to use and delivery great results. Some brands we work with include Haeusler, CMF Groupe, Dunkes, Sanderson Machines, and Prinzing, who all contribute with their specialized machinery to help with a variety of manufacturing, forming, rolling, welding, bending, straightening, and pressing tasks.

Through our assortment of different companies and products we work with, we ensure that we’re able to provide a metal fabrication machine to everyone’s industry. Through our metal fabrication machines, we’re able to provide for manufacturers within various industries including:

  • Automotive: From shafts in your engine that need alignment or straightening, bending sheet metal, or creating and welding exhaust systems and tubing, we carry products to provide you with the solutions you need.
  • Aerospace: With everything from bending machines for wing edges and other complicated shapes that fit and assist with the aerodynamics of an aircraft, we carry machines to help produce these intricate and high-tolerance parts.
  • Precision: Many of the products we carry are able to provide extremely tight tolerances, so if you work in an area that demands small tolerances to a product to function properly, European Technology Center has the equipment for you.
  • Industrial: Various industries have a need for machines that can handle shaping, bending, and forming metal. Whether you are working in the oil industry, energy industry (including powerplants and wind turbines), container building, or even within tunneling and mining, our metal fabricating products can help.
  • Structural and construction: In construction, there is often a need for bending machines that can bend beams, tubes, and more, which is why we’re here to help in this area. Our dynamic machines can be custom tuned for you specific structural construction project.

For more information on the industries served with our metal fabrication machines, get in touch with us today.