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If you’re in need of a tube perforating or louvering machine, European Technology Center is here to find the right product to fit your needs. We work closely with Sanderson Machines to provide you with the highest-quality options for tube perforating machines and louvering machines. As a world leader in tube perforating and louvering technology, these machines are very capable of delivering results you can trust, within your budget and suitable for any application.

The tube perforating machines we offer are often found within the automotive industry across the world, used for creating a variety of different parts. With various sizes and capabilities, we have tube perforating machines and louvering machines for high-speed use, commercial needs, and even more affordable options. Contact us to learn more.

Sanderson TPM4 or TPM6

Circular Motion with Outside-In Punch Stroke

Tube Perforating and Spiro Louvre

  • Up to 6,400 punches /min
  • Interchangeable Cartridge Tool System and les than 2min. changeover time
  • Punch DIA: 1/10″ to 5/16 (2.5-8mm)
  • Positive Punch Alignment Technology
  • Easy & Parametrical Programming
  • Up to 5 perforating zones


  • Seam Finder
  • Tube in Chuck Sensor
  • Safety Fencing and Light Curtains
  • Auto-Loader
  • Custom-Built Punch Head

General Work Range:

  • DIA 7/8-4″ -6″ [22-101mm – 152mm] for Length 3-30″ [76-760mm] and Wall THK 0.02-0.08″ [0.5-2.0mm]

Sanderson TPML4

Linear Motion with Inside-Out Punch Stroke

Tube Louvering and Linear Perforation

  • Tube DIA 2″ up to 4 or 6″ (50mm – 101mm – 152mm)
  • Linear motion 1 sec/row

Louvre Geometry:

  • Walker Flat and Double Flat
  • Slot Holes

General Work Range:

  • DIA 2-4″ [50-101mm] Louvering Length 2-11″ [50-280mm] and Wall THK 0.02-0.06″ [0.5-1.6mm]

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