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Trending Upward

The Chicago Fabtech Show end of September the previous year was a big success and we carried over many projects and prospects.

But It was a slow start in to the new year due to the Omicron Covid 19 wave and the Geopolitical situation.

Mid-Spring started to experienced explosive demand in Machinery and Aftersales & Services driven by the industry adjusted to the global supply chain delays.

“Trending Upward” by manufacturing more products again in the US and acquiring the best technology/machinery.

We look forward to North America’s Largest Metal Forming, Fabricating, and Welding Event in Atlanta, November 8-10, 2022

COVID-19 Challenges

We carried over a good workload and added many new projects before the official COVID-19 lockdown period March to July.

We maintained a very strong customer relations during and especially after this crisis.

After reopening it was the most challenging time which required us rescheduling our timelines frequently to complete existing projects while adhering to the COVID guidelines at the project locations.

We added additional service engineers to our team to continue providing our excellent customer support and improved our global remote support activities (due travel restrictions no other specialist from oversee could visit).

After launching our new EVO CNC Plate-Roll Product Line with revolutionary BENDtronic software at FABTECH 2019 in Chicago we had a major success replacing old machines. ETCNA does the complete distribution and installation as the Haeusler Service Center in the USA.

We are looking forward to meeting with customers again at FABTECH 2021 in Chicago and will also implement a new website with easy to find product and service features.

All About the Details and Timing

With the growth of manufacturing in the United Sates, ETC continues to enjoy further growth and expanding business opportunities providing prompt response and services in the conception and installation of new machines in AUTOMOTIVE, General Industry/HVAC, Structural Fabrication, Welding and Pipe Fabrication.

Our specialized machines are more technically advanced and automated than ever before, but are also more modularized and cost efficient. To improve delivery times, we gear up to have machines available for most our common models at the manufacture and in the USA.

Continued high customer satisfaction rating and repeat customer business continue to make ETC strong. Our online diagnosis modules and 24/7 service hotline provide continued support and high customer satisfaction. Our aftersales management solutions for machine spares parts and tooling set us apart from our competitors.

MADE IN THE USA is growing

ETC is enjoying further growth and expanding business while continuing to stay true to the founding and guiding core principal of providing a valuable service to our customers and having far more than just a business partnership with our suppliers. This approach to business typically results in our customers realizing improved efficiency, cost reduction, improved function & performance, increased product life, and ultimately a quick return on their capital investments.

FABTECH 2016 marked the 10th anniversary for ETC’s exhibition in the event.

High demand in automotive exhaust solutions

ETC experienced strong growth and the nature of the business continued to evolve. Repeat customers returned at a high rate for re-tooling, retrofitting and capacity expansion as new OEM automotive replacement programs continued to be approved. Automotive exhaust companies grow to be the dominant industry in ETC’s customer portfolio.

ETC showcased the developments in Sanderson’s tube perforating machines at FABTECH 2015. The highlighted improvements include machines with higher perforation rates and quick change tooling features.

Growth with standardized products & processes

North American manufacturing companies are heavily influenced by the OEM global programs, and are required to standardize products, processes, capability and capacity throughout their supplying plants as well. The automotive exhaust suppliers emerge as a high-growth industry in ETC’s customer base as they made significant investments seeking standardization as well as cost and quality improvements globally.

Unique Products for Tube Perforation

Equipment supplier Sanpro Industries Ltd from New Zealand was added as a new partner bringing another unique solution to the tubing industry in North America. The Sanderson line of CNC Tube perforating equipment allowed for high-precision tube perforation product possibilities that were not previously readily and economically available.

Continued growth in business warranted the separation of ETC’s Sales function from Operations and the Chelsea, MI, Sales Office was established.

Increase demand in specialized machines

The economic recession began to ease in many industries and ETC was now working with customers to conceptualize new capital projects – with cost savings and process improvement being the incentive for effective use of their resources.

ETC moved to a location Ferndale, MI, allowing strategic space at ROBERTS MACHINERY SALES LTD for retrofit projects and storage of new machines.


Another unique partnership was established with HAEUSLER AG of Switzerland. “HAEUSLER – The Forming Factory” offers specialized world class plate bending machines. The Haeusler relationship brought innovative engineered equipment solutions to customers, allowing the manufacturing process to support their exacting requirements. It also expanded the customer base to commercial and heavy metal forming industries.

Innovating Flanging & Beading Machines

A new alliance with “Prinzing Sheet Metal Working” proved to be a good fit providing high-quality rolling, flanging, beading and curling machinery with very high-precision. Required by manufacturers of chimneys, HVAC ducting, filters, tanks, clamp rings, bearing-housings, designer garbage cans, food processing tanks and other products.

Refocus on rebuild and re-tool projects

The company relocated to a new location in Farmington Hills, MI, and more importantly shifted the primary focus from equipment projects to support aftersales-service, rebuild and re-tool projects that were necessary for existing equipment in our customer’s operations.

Startup as full service supplier for specialized machinery

Established on September 15, 2006 by Robert Walther, the European Technology Center North America [ETC] was founded as a full service provider of manufacturing engineering solutions for technical sales, program management and after-sales lifetime support.

ETC’s showroom and service center in Wixom, MI, started operations showcasing the partner company’s equipment technology in tube cutting, bending, sheet metal roll-forming & welding, end-forming, and precision straightening. The core team of Robert Walther and Tom Wetmore (Service Manager) has been working together ever since.