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If you’re in need of automotive metal fabrication machines for help with producing parts for vehicles and other automotive needs, we’re your number one supplier for the highest-quality products from some of the most advanced and trusted brands in the business. No matter what industry you’re in, if you’re looking for metal fabrication machines, you’re sure to find all the equipment you need from European Technology Center. Our automotive machines can help with everything from building exhaust systems to straightening shafts and more, get in touch with ETCNA today to learn more about the products we can offer to you.

At European Technology Center, we carry various automotive metal fabrication machines to help with shaping, pressing, and straightening components and parts. Our products to help within this industry include:

  • Roll bending and welding machines: Many of these machines help customers within a continuous system, taking care of roll bending metal into shape and welding in one procedure. Within the automotive industry, these bending and welding machines typically create exhaust systems like pipes and stacks. CMF Groupe has a high-quality selection of products within this area.
  • Plate bending machines: For all your conical and round parts, plate bending machines are perfect for your needs. We work with Haeusler for plate bending equipment that will expertly handle your automotive part forming needs.
  • Straightening presses: Straight parts are important when building mechanical systems, especially in the case of spinning shafts where warps can spell disaster. Straightening presses can ensure an engine or other automotive systems function properly. We work with Dunkes products to ensure crankshafts, camshafts, lead screws are more, are perfectly straight before being installed.
  • Tube perforating machines: Commonly used within the automotive industry, tube perforating machines are tasked with producing mufflers, exhausts, baffles, and more. We work with Sanderson Machine Tools to bring you tube perforating and metal fabricating machines for the automotive

For more information on the automotive metal fabrication machines we carry at European Technology Center, get in touch with us today. We’re happy to help you find the products for your industry.