Motor driven 25-100

The circular shears in the sizes KSE 25 – 100 are basically all motor driven.
You are able to process round blank diameters between 80 mm and 3.200 mm. The max. sheet thickness can be 10 mm. They meet the highest standards of industrial manufactured sheet metal blanks by cutting and flanging.
The drive of the machines is single-, two-stage or infinitely variable; on upper- and lower shaft. The bail adjustment happens manual.
The KSE 31 has got a motor driven cutter infeed. The operation happens by a control panel and a triple foot switch.  If needed  two hand operation.
The KSE 60 additionaly has a motor driven bail adjustment and a diameter programming as well as an opertation by the touchscreen and a triple foot switch. If needed  two hand operation.

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Circular Shear KSE Brochure

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