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With a variety of designs to choose from, depending on your needs, European Technology Center has the precision straightening machines for your every need. Handling everything from small hollow tubes and pipes, to large steel plates and metal shafts of all types, you can trust in our straightening presses to deliver you a process that is easy to use and highly effective in providing you results you can take pride in. We offer hydraulic and pneumatic presses from Dunkes, our German manufacturing partner, delivering high-quality straightening presses with forces ranging from 5 kN to 3,150 kN, while keeping highly accurate alignment specifications, bringing you results you can trust time and time again. To learn more about our precision straightening machines, get in touch with us today.

Straightening Presses

Manual, Automatic, Horizontal, Gantry, Pneumatic and fully customized Presses From 2 tons to 3,000 tons.

Functions include:

  • Straightening of Gear Components

    • Efficient with repeatable accuracy
  • Straightening of Transmission Shafts

    • Specially trained operators are not required
  • Straightening of Small Shafts/Axels

    • Nothing is impossible
  • Straightening of Cam Shafts + more

    • We straighten your parts with 0.01mm/0.0004″ accuracy
  • Straightening of Spatially-Shaped

    • Extremely wide range of materials and shapes

DUNKES 25 ton Hydraulic Stroke Controlled Straightening Press.

Technical Data HR 25
Capacity 25 ton (55,000lbs.)
Stroke 160mm (6in.)
Cylinder DOWN 30s
Cylinder UP 110s
Daylight max. 675mm (26in.)
Bed Size 340mm x 1300mm (13.5in. x 51in.)
Part dia. app. 80mm (3.5in.)
Total Height 2400mm (95in.)
Total Depth 1400mm (55in.)
Oil Capacity 150 liter (40gal)
Total Weight 2200kg (4850lbs.)