Pneumatic Straighteners.

Simple design means easy maintenance and lower costs. This is achieved with our pneumatic straightening presses for lightweight components and small series, which do not exceed a force of 80 kN (8to).

Hydraulic Straighteners.

Round or flat material, camshafts, special shaped, short or longpipes – with our hydraulic straightening presses you will always achieve accurate results. The stroke is controlled synchronously and precisely with a hand lever or joystick.

Autonomous Straightening Machines.

A press that learns: You provide the workpiece information, the dugonic® straightening control develops the individual straightening process and optimizes the process parameters. With each application, the straightening press learns and saves the parameters in its database.

Custom-Made Straightening Machines.

It is not always possible to solve tasks with an out of the box solution. We take on every challenge and together with you we develop the right press that fits your requirements for example torsion straighteners, automated straighteners and feeding systems.

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