Rollexpress 132 Roll Bending Machine

Rollexpress 132 roll bending machine and its derivatives are adapted to most industrial situations. They give access to the range of high performance CMF rollers.

Its main features are:

  • Very simple use by all personnel after quick training
  • Pinching plates reduced to the minimum for good circularity of the rolled part
  • One turn rolling: simplicity and speed
  • Diameter changing in 15 seconds without tool
  • Significant productivity, up to 600 shells an hour
  • Adapted to all types of material: construction steel, stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, aluminium, and all other materials on request and after testing
  • Tempered rollers for outstanding service life (more than 10 years)

RT180 Large Length Roll Bending Machine

RT180 Large Length Roll Bending Machine is the fruit of the latest CMF developments, it enables the limits of conventional rolling to be pushed further and to obtain combinations of long tube lengthes in very small diameters, including with thick sheets and materials with high mechanical characteristics.

Technical data for our RT180 range

  • Shell diameter from 25 mm
  • Shell length up to 6 metres
  • Sheet thickness between 3/10 and 6 mm according to versions
  • Productivity between 80 and 300 parts an hour according to models
  • Possible shell forms: cylindrical, rectangular, oval, triangular, and any other complex form (to be validated according to the radii to be made)
  • In addition to our standard range, we examine every request to adapt our machines to the specifications of our customers
  • Efficient for materials with high elastic springback

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