Whether for calibrating already rolled workpieces, for straightening sheets or for rebending pre-bent cylinders, the HAEUSLER special forming machines are based on many years of experience and impress by their reliability, accuracy and user-friendliness.

RI Straightening Machine

The HAEUSLER RI-series has been designed for straightening plates of different dimensions and materials. The standard program of the RI-family includes plate widths up to 5000 mm and wall thicknesses up to 120 mm.

CM Universal Expander

The HAEUSLER universal expander is used for the production of precise and complicated workpiece shapes by means of material-saving, chipless forming under the aspect of economic series production.

NABM Post-Bending Machine

HAEUSLER’s new and patented forming process clearly pushes the limits of all known post-bending processes upwards. This means that all the needs of pipe mill manufacturers can now be covered in a single machine with a single post-bending process.

CMR Fullbody Pipe Expander

The HAEUSLER CMR combines all the relevant characteristics that our customers have asked for in the production of high-end pipes.

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