The unique design features of the HDR 3-roll round bending machine contribute to the high quality and long service life of the machine. Even the base frame offers maximum stability under the bending forces exerted and consists of a compact, closed design. The rollers of the round bending machine are also manufactured to be extremely stable: The high-alloy and non-surface-hardened steels prevent cracks on the rollers. The rollers are driven by a high-quality 3-roller drive, which enables precise plate handling and high traction.

Additional advantages of the new design

Since the bearings and frame of the new HAEUSLER HDR design are absolutely symmetrical, the bending machine ensures a high bending quality. In addition, the movements of the top roller are realized by two times two identical cylinders, which in turn are 100 percent symmetrical. This results in high bending accuracy during the bending process. The HDR 3-roll round bending machine has numerous other advantages to offer in addition to these aspects. This sets it apart from other 3-roll bending machines on the market in many areas.

Benefits compared to other 3-roll bending machines

The HAEUSLER HDR bending machine differs in many aspects from other 3-roll bending machines on the market. For example, the symmetrical design of the HDR ensures accurate and optimal bending results. In machines with an asymmetrical design, it proves difficult to achieve a good bending result. Also, the four used and identical pressure cylinders of the HDR bending machine provide considerable advantages, such as highly accurate synchronisation, compared to outdated designs of competitors.

HDR 3-roll round bending machine in detail

These are by no means all the advantages of the HDR 3-roll round bending machine from HAEUSLER: In our white paper you will learn all the details in full. There you will see, among other things, how exactly the HDR differs from other machines on the market as well as the functional principle of the HDR bending machine.

HDR machines in use worldwide

Whether China, Australia or India – HAEUSLER HDR round bending machines are in use all over the world. Get to know the HDR in action with our references.

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