HAEUSLER enables you to produce wind towers efficiently and with high performance. With our detailed technical concept, we optimize your production in all areas. In addition, the innovative and modern HAEUSLER bending technology ensures the best results in wind tower production. With our machines, we offer you comprehensive wind tower manufacturing equipment. Learn everything about our wind tower manufacturing products as well as the technical concept for windmill production.

Technical Concept

HAEUSLER offers you a comprehensive and effective technical concept for the production of wind towers. With our matching bending machines and further accessories, you are optimally equipped for wind tower production. In addition to our productive and reliable machines, you will also receive comprehensive supplementary services from us – because we not only offer machines, we offer complete solutions.


From Sheet to Section

Working closely with our customers, we are developing tailored solutions for individual requirements. The production output and the quality standard which needs to be achieved are the key factors defining the final structure and workflow of the individual production steps. To merge the different production steps into a well-coordinated, sustainable, economical and long lasting production line is the core competence of HAEUSLER’s plant engineers.

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