Solvent machine under vacuum, Vapor degreasing, Hybrid process in one chamber

SOLvent VACuum System
Abbreviation of SOLvent VACuum System , the SOLVACS vacuum degreasing machine meets the highest requirements for marks free cleaning / degreasing and drying performance.

Fully vacuum
The entire system in contact with the solvent (<100 mbar) works under vacuum to make it possible to clean at a temperature above the flash point of the solvent in both immersion and steam phase.

For 3-shift operation, the machine incorporates a thermal cooling exchanger by a secondary circuit to increase cooling capacity.

Optimal Safety
The TWIN SAFETY GUARD system performs continuous monitoring of solvent flashpoint and the vacuum level via a dual safety (hardware and program).

Custom-made chamber
The SOLVACS vacuum degreasing machine is available in 5 different sizes, depending on the dimensions and the volume of the parts to be processed.

Continuous distillation
More than a degreasing machine, SOLVACS incorporates continuous distillation of the solvent to ensure optimal life and repeatable results.

In addition to that, an additional distillation minimizes the solvent content (<10%) in the waste being discharged.

Water and other substances are automatically removed at low boiling temperatures by the desaturation process.

HYBRIDE > Solvent + Aqueous Solution
The SOLVACS Hybrid provides marks free cleanliness by combining the action of solvent and aqueous solution to remove organic and mineral dirt.

This is particularly the case for vacuum deposits processing operations (plasma, nitration, etc.).

This system eliminates all types of organic and non-organic contaminations, with total compatibility of materials from the parts to be processed.

Process reliability
HEMO GmbH as the inventor of the technology has complete control of the process.

Manual or automatic flow
Manual loading > manual transfer of the load to the work chamber from a table 1 or 3 positions.

Automatic loading > transferred from a roller conveyor, the load is lifted and loaded automatically into the machine chamber.
At the start of the cycle the door is closed and locked automatically.

Follow up and maintenance
In order to offer a local North American support and an equipment in perfect operational condition, the monitoring and maintenance of the SOLVACS machines installed in North America are carried out by Washtech after-sales service.

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