High purity process, Batch load, CNp technologies

3 standard sizes
The PowerJet cleaning machine is available in 3 standard overall dimensions depending on the size of the parts to be processed and the volume of parts to be processed. For special applications, the working chamber can be custom-made.

A modular system
The PowerJet allows the use of the well-known cleaning and drying processes according to the expected cleanliness requirements. Its flexibility allows the treatment of highly contaminated parts as well as the disinfection of medical devices (MD).

PowerJet Twin / Triple
When applications require a separation of each cleaning steps or when the production rate requires saving processing and loading time, the PowerJet is a standard machine in a multi-chamber version.

Fluid treatment
Operating in a closed circuit, excellent fluid treatment is essential to achieve repeatable cleanliness results and drains the bath regularly.

The loading and unloading of the PowerJet system is fully automated with an automatic conveyor integrated with the machine. In the case of multi-chamber machine especially in final washing in a high pace environment, it allows the loading and unloading of parallel chambers simultaneously.

Principle of flood washing
Flood cleaning consists of constant pressure changes in combination with the basket rotation. The working chamber evolves from overpressure to depression, producing reverse flow variations to clean cavities and deep drilling. PowerJet flood washing is particularly effective on surface contamination and chips.

Using ultrasound
Ultrasound diffuses into the fluid and generates cavitation and micro-currents that allow to clean parts. The lower is the frequency, the more intense is the action. Depending on the fragility of the material and the adhesion of the contamination, the frequencies to be used are different:

Cyclic Nucleation process (CNp)
CNp technology ensures an ultra-efficient cleaning of complex geometries such as grooves, blind holes and narrow channels without attacking the surface of the parts. As part of the PowerJet, the CNp opens up new cleaning opportunities in many areas:

High purity
For highly sensitive cleaning applications, PowerJet’s design is upgraded to be a transition between the grey room and the cleanroom.

LPW / Surface Alliance
Member of the Surface Alliance, LPW is leader of the group for high cleanliness requirements with aqueous solution, using ultrasound and CNp process. Washtec represent the LPW Reinigungssyeteme GmbH cleaning machines for the North American business.

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