< 30 seconds cycle time, 22 square feet floor space, One piece flow

Optimize your take time
The MecanoFAST machine ensure a high cleaning rate from 20 to 60 seconds depending on the type of parts and their complexity!

Easy integration between manufacturing process
The MecanoFAST concept has been created to be integrated into production line with a short footprint to reduce technician walking time.

Continuous flow cleaning
The batch/basket cleaning concept generates a major disruption for the production efficiency resulting in slowing down the flow and generating downstream and upstream stock.

The MecanoFAST system has been developed for the high pace industry, this equipment use the “one-piece flow” concept with a short cycle time.

Cleaning and drying process fixture customized
The part fixture, the cleaning/drying tool are designed in 3D model and produced according to the parts drawing.

Process Reliability & Repeatability
The MecanoFAST integrates high quality components from premium brands.

Improve your competitiveness by reducing operating costs by about 50 %
Overall the MecanoFAST system consumes 2 times less energy and around 4 times less water than the traditional Tunnel or Carrousel system type.

Flexible for the production flow
Is your assembly or production line operate manually or fully automated? The MecanoFAST system has a large front loading/unloading access for a quick and efficient load.

Modular and easily upgradeable
Quick change over > replace tooling in less than 5 minutes! Reconfiguration > only the tooling need to be replaced to run a different part number.

An answer to your cleanliness requirements
We support you by setting up validation test and analysis in our laboratory.

Streamlined and secured maintenance
A roller shutter combined with a set of sensors to ensure a secured and simplified access to the filtration system, tank and other moving parts.

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